The Parkville Association is a member of the Coalition of Residents Associations and works within this on major heritage and planning submissions - for example, on the C20 and C60 Planning Amendments.

View some of our recent submissions by clicking below:

If you require assistance with your proposed renovation plans or just want some information about a heritage property in Parkville, contact the Parkville Association by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the President.

The City of Melbourne Heritage Database is now online and includes a photograph of Parkville buildings and a wide range of details including:

  • Building Grading
  • Architectural style & construction date
  • Heritage Status
  • Notable features
  • Statements of significance
  • Historical information
  • Builder (for notable buildings)
  • Architect (for notable buildings)

This is a useful source for owners contemplating restoring their houses as they can use it to find guidance on which features are original.

The database can be accessed by clicking here


If you haven't discovered TROVE yet, it's a free on-line search service available through the National Library of Australia. It's all about Australia and Australians. Use TROVE to explore digitised newspaper articles as well as books, maps, images and music. 24/7 access means you can get on-line and browse the collection at a time that suits. Once you start browsing you may find yourself in for a long stint - you'll always find something that catches your interest. TROVE has over 50 million digitised newspaper articles alone.

 Amendment C258 proposes a new approach to heritage practice by the City of Melbourne council officers.

Walking tours app

The Parkville Association is thrilled to announce the release of our very own mobile app - the Parkville Heritage Walks app.

Click the link below or search the app store to get your free download and try our self-guided walking tours today!