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There is a wealth of information in the digitized newspapers on Parkville. Once you start it is hard to stop searching. Just search on the word "Parkville" – you will be amazed at what is available. Search on your street name plus the word "Parkville" or search on your Street name plus house number or house name and you might be surprised at what you discover. An example:

The Argus Monday 29 August 1881

A public meeting was held at Molseed's Agricultural Hotel, Parkville, on Friday, to consider what steps should be taken, in consequence of the authorities of Trinity College having closed the thoroughfare which formerly connected Carlton with Parkville and Hotham. There was a numerous attendance. and Mr. Charles Butler occupied the chair. It was intimated by the chairman that every effort to induce the Church of England authorities to grant a roadway through the college grounds had failed, and as the Crown grant of the College land was absolute no compulsion could be used. Mr. William Downes pointed out that a pathway through the grounds of the University proper would satisfy the requirements of those concerned, and that there was a reservation clause in the Crown grant of the University giving power to the Governor in Council to take possession of any portion of the land that might be required for "public ways." He therefore submitted a petition asking the Governor in Council to exercise the power vested in them, and declare a public pathway through the University-gardens from west to east. Several gentlemen, including Mr. Laurens, M.L.A., and Councillor levers, spoke in favour of the petition, which was adopted unanimously, it being conclusively shown that great inconvenience had been caused by the closing of the old pathway, especially in regard to children attending school, who had to make a long detour, and to persons living in Parkville who required the services of medical men from Carlton. It was further determined that a deputation of the residents of Parkville, and all others interested, should wait upon the Minister of Lands with the petition, A committee, consisting of Messrs. Butler, Downes, levers, Lemon, Foxcroft, Kennedy, Ryan, and Cummings, was appointed to make the necessary arrangements.

When searching don't forget that there is also a Parkville in NSW.

This sheet was discovered during a recent renovation of a Morrah Street dwelling and handed to the archives.

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