The internationally acclaimed, beautifully presented record of Australia's first metropolitan Historic Area classification

South Parkville
by Hilary Lewis

  • A unique memento of your stay in or around Parkville, Melbourne's best preserved historic environment
  • A detailed reference source in your library that may pinpoint where you live
  • A nostalgic reminder of your career beginnings
  • Valuable reference not only for past and present residents but also for architects, historians, genealogists and all who are interested in our nineteenth century heritage

120 Page quality hardback
20 - 30cms - historic maps, house plans, over 170 detailed photographs!

Only $29.99

Considered to be of world significance, South Parkville is an almost intact triangle of late Victorian houses, famed for their iron lace decoration and curious embellishments.

This intriguing district, adjoining Melbourne University and the Royal Melbourne hospital, was classified in 1972 by the National Trust - Australia's first Metropolitan Historic Area classification. The submission to the Trust from the Parkville Association, prepared by Hilary Lewis, was the basis of the first edition of South Parkville (1974), now out of print for many years. This 1997 edition adds valuable research data about the area's past, and updates the first edition.

Available from: The Parkville Post Office, corner Fitzgibbon and Bayles Streets, Parkville.


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